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Apr. 3rd, 2008

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Everything In Color
What is your favorite color(s)?:I like almost all colors.
How about your least favorite color(s)?:brown. ick...
What color is your house?:whitee.
Your car?:whiteee.
How about the color of the walls in your room?:whiteee!
What color is your bedspread?:pink&mixed colors
What color is your toothbrush?:pink
What color is the shirt you're wearing?:black
What color is your hair?:white!haha
What color are your eyes?:brown =[
What color is your phone?:SMASHED.
What color is your purse/wallet?:purses=every colors. wallet=pink
What color are your favorite pair of shoes?:idk I like all my shoes.
What is the nearest red object to you?:I pledge to be drug free bracelet.
What was the last red thing you ate?:salsaaa
Are you wearing anything red?:nope
When you hear the word "red" what does it make you think of?:BLOOD.
What orange thing is farthest away from you?:bag prolly.
How many orange things are there in the room you're in?:omg. a lot.
Did you drink anything orange today?:nope.
What word comes to mind when you hear the word "orange"?:ORANGES?
Are you wearing anything yellow?:nuh uh.
Do you like the color yellow?:yes
Did you use anything yellow today?:yes
When you hear the word "yellow" what do you think of?:sunnnnshineee on a cloudy day
Are you wearing anything green?:nope.
Name a something green outside your house besides plants::erg......
What is the nearest green object to you?:necklace
What does the word "green" make you think of?:vomit.
How many blue things are in the room you're in?:toomany.
Did you use anything blue today?:a pen.
What is the farthest away blue object from you?:my chair.
What comes to mind when you hear the word "blue"?:I GOT THE BLUUUES krraaaft macaroni and cheese alala
Are you wearing anything purple?:no.
What is the nearest purple object to you?:drawings on my walllll...
Did you eat anything purple today?:i wish.
When you hear the word "purple" what do you think of?:niki.haha
How many pink things are in the room you're in?:a bajillion million trillion things.
Did you drink anything pink today?:naw.
Are you wearing anything pink?:nailpolish.
What does the word "pink" make you think of?:HAPPPPYTHINGS
Do you like the color black?:sure!
Did you use anything black today?:yea
What is the nearest black object to you?:my shirt.
What comes to mind when you hear the word "black":negro?
What is the farthest white object from you?:shirt
Did you eat anything white today?:cheese!
What is the nearest white object to you?:hoodie
What do you think of when you hear the word "white"?:ME.
Do you like the color brown?:no.haha
What is the nearest brown object to you?:my leopard blankie.
Are you wearing anything brown?:bloody hell, no.
What does the word "brown" make you think of?:mexicans and trees.
How many silver things are in the room with you that aren't electronics?:a couple
Are you wearing anything silver?:yep.
Do you like the color silver?:yes
What does the word "silver" make you think of?:gold?
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good lawwwd im bored.

unusual questions
If you were getting married tomorrow, who would be your made of honor?:NIKI? so I could make her wear a TUTU!
Have you ever sat on a rooftop?:god, yes.
If you could live the life of a character in any movie, who would it be?:TOOTHLESS. i wanna be the toothfairy. o god. or. nicole in drive me crazy cos the boy is hawwt.
Have you ever snuck anyone into your house?:hahahah yea.
Do you memorize random facts?:yes!
Good advice you wish someone would have shared with you?:o my..
If you became famous, would there be incriminating pictures that show up?:dorkyness mostly. like pictures of me shoving apples in my mouth
What's the last compliment you gave? received?:gave:CUTEEE. received:youre pretty. (blahwtfz.)
Name one thing that most people don't know about you.:I have a billion empty gatorade bottles in my room,everywhere.
Have you ever fallen in love with a best friend?:thankgod no.
Worst life mistake?:idk
The one things that drives you absolutely bananas?:when people lie to me/jump to conclusions/when people think drugs+alcohol+sex are like SO KEWLLL.
Have you ever wanted someone you can't have?:uh yes.
Where do you see yourself in 4 years?:daang idk.
You're having a bad day, who do you want to talk to?:niki usually? my cats? hahaha.
What's one thing your parents don't know about you?:HA. uh ohh.
If you could choose ANY profession, what would it be?:Ill get backkk to you on that.
If money or distance weren't an issue, what college would you attend?:prollly somewhere in LA.
Is there one relationship that you regret ending?:naw.
If you were to write a story, what would it be about?:idk.
Are you judgemental of others?:not really. it just depends. i try to accept people?
Are there some people that you just can't get along with?:god, yes.
Do you go out more than four times a week?:im too lazy
Finish the sentence
The funniest thing that has ever happened to me was...:I fall down everywhere. Especially down flights of stairs, COOLRIGHT?
People would say that I'm...:dorky. nerdy
My past is...:bullshit.
I have a low tolerance of...:alcoholics,druggies,whores,annoying people,assholes.
I spend too much time...:ONLINE......and playing sims
My thoughts are...:im bored.
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I'm at summerschool. Please shoot me.

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